Oct 31

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Sweeps: $500 to pay your bills!

Sweeps: $500 to pay your bills!

1.) Sign up for your free account with Manilla Here

2.) Click here to tell us you signed up for Manilla and answered the hub page question to be entered to win. Here

What are you signing up for?

You might want to know what is Manilla? Manilla is free web based service that keeps all of your household accounts, (financial, utilities, subscriptions and travel rewards programs) in a single secure account online. Under a single password, (imagine not having to keep up with 500 passwords for all of your log-ins!!!!) Manilla will help you organize and automate all of your account information. You can get texts and/or email reminders to pay bills and unlimited storage of account documents that Manilla will seemlessly retrieve for you!

Why is Manilla necessary? Most people have more than 20 different household accounts, including three to four credit cards, several travel and hotel rewards accounts, multiple magazine and newspaper subscriptions, plus cable, phone, and other assorted utility bills.

In order to stay on top of all this, people have to manage daily incoming paper mail, an array of online usernames and passwords, and websites in order to access important account information and take action. Manilla will retrieves all your account information current balances, previous payments, upcoming bills due all in one convenient location. Most importantly, you need only one password to view, manage and organize it all.

“This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Manilla.” 

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Heather is a self described momprenuer, with a love of learning, and a knack for anything related to the internet. This almost 30′s social media expert, has been online since before the internet was, well the internet. Read more about me at the About Me Page http://freebiessweepsanddeals.com/?page_id=415

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  1. amanda

    i signed up

  2. kATHLWW




  4. Jami McKinney

    I wouldn't turn down $500 smackers!

  5. Joni Goldman

    $500 would be close to a miracle for me right now!

  6. dreams2383

    yes please

  7. Sue

    I signed up and hope I win $500 to help organize my life.

  8. Darlene

    $ 500 dollars would help pay the bills. Especially with the holidays approaching.

  9. Samantha

    I signed up & answered the question.

  10. Amy

    Signed up and answered the question.

  11. Jennifer

    I signed up!

  12. Jenny

    I signed up & answered the question. So Maybe just Maybe I might be lucky enough to win the $500.00 so, I can put a few presents under the tree for my 3 wonderful daughters. Because as of right now there won't be any Christmas at our house. I'm not able to afford to go out and buy any Christmas presents for my 3 girls. All the money that I get goes on paying bills & trying to keep the roof that we have over our heads. My kids bless them they are completely unselfish children & very understanding about the fact that mommy can't afford much of anything for x-mas. I've been very blessed to have 3 wonderful daughters that are understanding & caring. So fingers crossed I am one of the lucky winners & whatever is left over we will donate it to a women's homeless shelter.

    1. moon

      Jenny bless your heart, check with the Christmas Fairy I know she'll probably do at least one more round of gifts before Christmas. http://www.facebook.com/TheChristmasFairy

  13. willa

    yes, i sure did sign up!!

  14. angela calavicci

    I signed up and answered the question

  15. Christina

    I signed up for this and hope to win for it would surely help in a lot of ways=-]

  16. Tammy

    I signed up and answered the question!!!!!

  17. Mary

    I signed up thanks!

  18. Laura

    I signed up and answered! Awesome giveaway opportunity.

  19. Tracy Hamill

    I signed up and yes, I could definitely use $500.00. No money for Christmas this year so it would really help.

  20. angela

    I signed up and answered the question

  21. Belle

    I signed up and answered the question. Thank for your this opportunity.

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